Christie's Gone Bananas

Matt & Christie Farkas
45 US Route 2 Grand Isle, VT 05458

Retail Outlet: Operating seasonally June - September

Where Else to Find Products: Champlain Islands Farmers’ Market.

Offerings:  Roadside frozen fruit concession stand with a focus on chocolate dipped bananas, holistic popsicles, gourmet sorbet, and fruit smoothies. Using local ingredients whenever possible.

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Champlain Islands Candy Lab

Albert Reyes-McCarver, & B. Michael McCarver-Reyes
6 South St, South Hero, VT

Retail Outlet: Open year round save federal holidays. Monday-Sunday 7:30am-8pm (on season; Starting in May). Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm and Saturday 8am-6pm (off season).

Where else to find products: Champlain Islands Farmers’ Market.

Offerings: The mission of Champlain Islands Candy Lab is to create unique sweets by pairing innovative artisanal extracts and creative flavor combinations with classical candy making techniques. These indulgent treats are lovingly crafted in the Champlain Islands of Vermont using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. We offer online e-commerce for ordering our goods during cooler months. We do not ship once it is 70 or higher 3 days in a row at the destination. We buy ingredients from local farms including Pomykala Farm, Snowfarm Vineyards, Hackett’s Orchards, Dreamwalker farms, & North Country Bees.

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